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Tidligere bokse

Tag et kig på vores tidligere bokse og genoplev de fantastiske læseoplevelser, som vi har delt. 

Lad dig inspirere af vores tidligere bokse og tilmeld dig nu, så du ikke går glip af fremtidige magiske læseoplevelser!

Marts 2024


Side 66: Linen viskestykke designet af @flutterandfern.

"The humidity of the kitchens made her hair curl and stick to her sweaty skin as she danced with the dishwashers, cotton towels tucked into their waistbands." 

Side 133: Målebånd designet af @sketchesbysabine.

"Gideon's hands were strong and rough and callused. Hands that could hold a gun as competently as they could haul a witch into a prison cell - or take a girl's measurements, evidently."

Side 359: Collector's Bookmark designet af @cassberrie.

"A bouquet of silk buttercups sprung from the packaging.

   Her pulse hummed in her throat as she reached to pick them up. The flowers were simpler than the rose he'd given her at her after-party, but ten times as plentiful. Rune held the bouquet in her hands, stroking the tiny petals made of buttery silk, tracing the fine stiches.

  He made these."

Januar 2024


Side 23: Suncatcher designet af @vernilleart og @imaginaryartlight.

"[T]he fiery insignia of the Sun Goddess, a polished dagger piercing a blazing sun.

Side 160: Enamel mug designet af @vernilleart og @imaginaryartlight.

" 'So, from what I'm gathering, you assembled us here, telling us that we will die in the Mist, and that our attempt to save our kingdom will be futile. And you didn't even bring enough coffee to share with everyone?'

 'She's right  [...] You could let us indulge a little before we meet our untimely end.'"

Side 282: Collector's Bookmark designet af @cassberrie.

"From that moment on, the sun never did rise again, and the kingdom of Asidia and its people were cursed to live beneath an infinite moon, the realm surrounded by a poisonous mist.

   The trees turned black, flowers wilted, and the earth shriveled."


November 2023


Side 15: Adaline River blomsterpresse designet af Book in a Box.

"The Farrow women had a touch. When farms had sprung up from valley to valley and everyone else in North Carolina was planting tobacco, the Farrows were growing flowers. [...] a peculiar little farm that was growing flower varieties.." 

Side 89: Collectors bogmærke designet af cassberrie.

"I reached out, fingertips tingling when they touched the scalloped doorknob. My hand curled around it, and I heard myself exhale before it turned. With a shaking, terrified breath, I pushed it open.

  My eyes widened as the hinges creaked and the door drifted away from me.

  On the other side was another field. [...]

   Two places at once."

Side 179: Ida's Blueberry Pie te blanding af Riddle's Tea Shoppe.

" 'A pie, please.' [...]

  'Cherry or blueberry?'

   Blueberry,' I answered automatically."

September 2023

I Forbandelsens Skygger

Side 113: En specialdesignet coaster fra Magic & Books.

"An old priestess brings me a shallow bowl of water. I suck it down greedily. The dryness in my throat vanishes, and the drink slakes my misgivings about coming into the temple.

Side 146: Speciallavet parfume fra Fictional Boutique.

"The queen's walk is like lilies floating across a pond  [...]. As she passes me, a cloud of perfume assails my nostrils. It's floral, with hints of orange and musk. "

Side 234: Lille Witches Brew bogmærke fra Fictional Boutique.

"I uncork the stopper to Nakri's vial and drink. I was expecting the medicine to taske like fish, but it's pleasantly sour, like a kumquat a few days shy of ripeness."

Juli 2023


Side 32: Gro din egen magiske urtehave med Joanna.

"She went to the herb cabinet and put a pinch of dried yarrow and vervain into a small bowl, which she brought back to the desk.

   Herbs and plants were not strictly necessary to read spells - blood alone would suffice - but they enhanced all magical effects, strenghening potency and increasing duration." 

Side 294: Notesbog designet af @juliettealovest.

"Everything was dim and flickering and the surface of the ink was so dark it reflected the candlelight back at her, a pool of red-tinged night simmering with stars.

   'Now comes the harder bit. Actually writing.' "

Maj 2023


Side 168: En specialdesignet tote bag med motiv af @awoodlandfairytale.

"The scales are larger and thicker than my hand and surprinsingly warm to the touch. They layer into the next above them in an intricate pattern that leaves no space to grab hold.

'You are a rider, are you not?'

[...] My heart thunders. Is he going to cook me alive for being too slow?" 

Side 350: Xadens yndlings chokoladekage fra SPICE BY SPICE.

"The next day, I ask him what his favorite food is in the middle of Battle Brief, using our mental connection. Pretty sure I hear him drop something at the back of the room before he answers.

'Chocolate cake. Stop being weird.' "

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