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January Box

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“So, from what I’m gathering, you assembled us here, telling us that we will die in the Mist, and that our attempt to save our kingdom will be futile. And you didn’t even bring enough coffee to share with everyone?” Stunned faces swiveled to Kiara, mouths agape. Isiah’s lips twitched before he let out a riotous laugh, the sound so genuine that, one by one, the others chuckled as well. “She’s right,” Jake acquiesced, cocking his head as he stared me down. “You could let us indulge a little before we meet our untimely end.”

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Enamel Mug

"Time For Our Ultimate End, But First: Coffee" Enamel Mug designed by @vernilleart and @imaginaryartlight.


Whether you're enjoying your coffee before walking into The Mist, going to work on Monday morning or at the supermarket during rush hour, we've got the perfect Enamel Cup for you. 

We recommend that it be washed by hand for the best durability of the print. 

(NOTE: The cup can also be used for drinks other than coffee)

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